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Your first session starts with an assessment of what you want to address in your life, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, as we sit across from each other in my home office. In this first session we may chat for up to half an hour so I can fully understand what your wants and needs are and we can develop a clear intention for our work together. As we continue to work together this intention can change based on your needs. There is always flexibility in the process to revisit the initial intention, add to an intention, or shift intentions completely.


Following our time talking together I will invite you to recline fully clothed on my massage table. I do an assessment at your ankles and head, looking at structure and perceived blocks in the body, especially in relation to the intention we set. The next portion is all about looking at the places I am drawn to.

Standing at your feet I assess what is known as your ‘life force’ to see if there is a block that is preventing you from feeling well in the world. This is any block that is affecting your bones, blood, muscles, internal organs, emotions, or spirit. I open myself up finding the tools in my toolkit that are going to best facilitate the change that you are asking for.