Integrated Awareness®

Integrated Awareness® Introduction Video

Self healing through Self Discovery

The heart of integrated awareness is empowering ease, clarity, creativity, and consciousness through self-discovery and self-healing.

While each one of us is here to follow our own path, an important part of the journey involves our willingness to grow, heal, and reclaim those parts of ourselves we may have lost touch with or didn’t even know existed. Part of the methodology involves the power of touch and movement around the principles of ease and choice.

Integrated Awareness

Integrated Awareness is a method that allows for the facilitation of self healing through self discovery.  The purpose of the practitioner is to help guide you.  The healing is done through your own willingness, hence the only belief required is the belief that healing is possible.

Why IA?

In our modern world pain, illness, discomfort, and emotional concerns are usually treated as separate issues, distinct issues. Symptoms are often treated without addressing the underlying causes that can come from historic, genetic, situational and spiritual factors.  IA looks at the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, and guides self-healing in any and all of these areas together.

From learned behaviors, to current stress, and neglected needs, IA brings consciousness to complex processes preventing you from living a healthy, whole life. The IA process allows you to navigate and weave together new behaviors at your own speed and discretion.

What is IA?

IA is the process of navigating and addressing health concerns through understanding how the body, mind, and spirit are connected. Through guided discovery of your own internal and external obstacles for leading a healthy life, the healing can begin. IA introduces new possibilities, through touch and movement, for integration of all aspects of your being.

Body Consciousness

Illness, discomfort, pain, emotional concerns, or any combination of those factors can have a variety of broader underlying causes. These can be traced back to reactions learned from childhood, genetic predispositions, and internal and external factors. IA brings the issues that you want to change to a new level of awareness. With the new awareness, both you and your IA practitioner can address the underlying causes to bring relief and well being to the body, mind, and spirit.

No matter what social, historical, genetic or spiritual pressures you have experienced, your IA practitioner will guide you through these creating a safe space for self-discovery. This open space allows you to gain clarity and understanding leading to ease and comfort.

Multi-dimensional Healing

Part of working with people is knowing that we are multidimensional (kinesthetic, proprioceptive, hearing, sight, touch). Taking those into account while doing IA work is important because it facilitates the integrated change in behavior that is missed in many other healing traditions.


Your first session starts with an assessment of what you want to address in your life, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, as we sit across from each other in my home office. In this first session we may chat for up to half an hour so I can fully understand what your wants and needs are and we can develop a clear intention for our work together. As we continue to work together this intention can change based on your needs. There is always flexibility in the process to revisit the initial intention, add to an intention, or shift intentions completely.


Following our time talking together I will invite you to recline fully clothed on my massage table. I do an assessment at your ankles and head, looking at structure and perceived blocks in the body, especially in relation to the intention we set. The next portion is all about looking at the places I am drawn to

Standing at your feet I assess what is known as your ‘life force’ to see if there is a block that is preventing you from feeling well in the world. This is any block that is affecting your bones, blood, muscles, internal organs, emotions, or spirit. I open myself up finding the tools in my toolkit that are going to best facilitate the change that you are asking for.

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