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Yoda, the other practitioner

Yoda, the other practitioner

I began seeing Jana for physical ailments, mostly stomach issues and sprained body parts.  While she was able to immediately help relieve any physical discomfort, I continued to see Jana because she was really able to see me.  She was able to connect to the emotional parts of me, the places where I store fear and anxiety and joy.  She helped me find the courage to let go of old hurts and to tap into my true self.  When my family made the decision to leave Massachusetts, I was very sad to leave Jana and her care.  She is a very special guide.


Entrance to Home Office

Entrance to Home Office

I didn’t know what to expect when I first went to Jana for Acupuncture, but did so for the purpose of dealing with anxiety, which eventually transformed into anxiety with physical pain, which western medicine diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. I have been to physical therapists and rheumatologists, given ongoing pain killers, and offered sleep drugs.  None of that came close to giving me the relief of pain, anxiety, and feelings of balance, groundedness, and peace that I have experienced through work with Jana.  As she moved towards doing more hands on energy work, I didn’t know what to expect but again have found it amazingly and perhaps surprisingly (to me) helpful.  I know many people don’t believe in the effects of acupuncture or energy work, but I have felt direct and immediate responses from needles as well as long term effects from the work.  I share an example of the first time Jana did hands on work with me because my response was dramatic and surprising.

I wasn’t feeling particularly upset or on edge that day.  Fairly relaxed.  Jana told me that if I was open to it we were going to try something new.  I laid on the table, breathed, she may have put in a few needles, and then she told me to breathe and go inward. She put her hands on my head gently for a while, and then under my shoulders, holding them both steadily as I continued to breathe.  After a few minutes, she gently lifted one of my shoulders, seemly tipping or pouring the energy in me from one side to the other.  Tears started pouring out of my eyes.  I was shocked by it.  Did not see it coming.  Jana sat with me through it, continued to hold my shoulders as it happened, and we both let it pass through me.  Whatever it was was old and it was a release I was not expecting but was very welcome.  I left feeling in a completely different state of consciousness from when I arrived.

I continue to go back to find release from things that build up, re-balancing, grounding, and help with physical pain.  From western medical doctors and specialists, physical and psychological therapists, and prescription medications, work with Jana has probably been the one thing that has helped me the most with feeling good and healthy in my self and body.

– Molly
Amherst, MA.

Dis-eased, dis-connected, despondent…. That was my state of being when I first started going to Jana, only I didn’t know it yet.  It took me a while to understand my physical symptoms were manifestations of a more complex nature.  I can’t really say how all this works, just that it does (if you are willing.)  Jana has done more than fix my ailments.  She has helped restore me to a fuller state of being… a being at ease, connected, responsive, and eternally grateful.

– Mary McCarthy