Resources for Integrated Awareness (TM), Chinese Herbs, and Acupuncture

On this page are a list of recommended resources, including books and links, that can assist you in our understanding of Integrated Awareness (TM), Chinese Herbs, and Acupuncture. The recommended books are all resources that I use in my practice and they are my picks for people who may not have a background in these topics, to people who are practitioners themselves! If you want to add to my resource page, please feel free to send me your suggestions.

Recommended Books 

The Body's Map of Consciousness

The Body’s Map of Consciousness (View book here)
Lansing Barrett Gresham & Julie J. Nichols

Ask Anything and Your Body Will Answer
Lansing Barrett Gresham & Julie J. Nichols

All Sickness is Homesickness
Dianne M. Connelly

The Joy of Feeling
Iona Marsaa Teeguarden

Between Heaven & Earth
Korngold & Beinfeld

Mindful Spontaneity
Ruthy Alon

Nourishing Destiny
Lonny S. Jarrett

Recommended Links Resource Page

Recommended Articles

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